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An evening about and with family*


The traditional ideas of the family are dissolving more and more in favour of various manifestations. Families are becoming more complex, thereby reflecting the complex world in which we live. We understand "the family" as a group of people (and other animate beings) who are socially and emotionally (and/or genetically and/or legally) connected and responsible for each other. A social construct that is designed to last longer and that recognises and endures difference.


What Is Human is a space for thinking and a feast. We sit down at a table to zoom in, to zoom out. We come into contact with people of the most diverse backgrounds and cultures. We make new kin and we experience empathy - an ability that is radically necessary in a complex world..


Length: ca. 90 Minuten 

Language: Deutsch und weitere


Concept/Realisation fleischlin/meser
Visuals, Stage and Technics Savino Caruso

Collaboration Stage Isabelle Mauchle
Costume-Support Diana Ammann

Dramaturgic Advice Bernhard la Dous

Sound David Nicolas Abad
Internship Omar Abdiwasa

Fotos Roberto Conciatori

Head of production Elena Conradt,  Regula Schelling, Charlotte Holstein / produktionsDOCK

By and with Omar Abdiwasa, Elvio Yair Avilar, Sevilay Aylin, Savino Caruso, Beatrice Fleischlin, Hedi Fleischlin, Dr. Riham Galal, Nina Hellenkemper, Anja Meser, Milan Meser, Labinot Rhexephi, Olivia Vogel

Video-Interviews  Jens Adamek, Bekim Bislimi, Merita Bislimi, Saranda Bislimi, Dayana Dreke, Patricia Flores, Karina Grelowska, I-fen Lin, Mattis, Tresor Illunga Mukuna, Annelore Voigt, Gunter Voigt

Thanks to Compagnie Trottvoir, Mats Staub, Momo Kunz, t.Theatervideo-Fonds, Anna Gwerder, Bouba Kaba, Filip Chudzinski

Co-production Kaserne Basel

Supported by Fachausschuss Tanz & Theater BS/BL, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Christoph Merian Stiftung, Edith Maryon Stiftung


1. Oktober 2020, 20h, PREMIERE, Kaserne Basel

2. Oktober 2020, 18h, family@issues-Talk°, Kaserne Basel

2. Oktober 2020, 20h, Kaserne Basel

3. Oktober 2020, 17h, Kaserne Basel​

°family@issues-Talk with guests in collaboration with The Art of Intervention & Gender Studies University of Basel


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