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A two-solo evening by fleischlin/meser



THIS IS ME* takes up the social debates on gender, and actively visions that “the norm” is eroding in favour of an unlimited diversity of lifestyles and identities. THIS IS ME* are two solos that are based on biographical experiences and that make a solidary WE* visible. The performers and the audience appear as versatile, changeable and fluid existences, and for an exemplary moment, coexistence beyond differences can be experienced.

THIS IS ME* is a piece about finding your own definition of self and womanhood - a feminist piece. THIS IS ME* is aimed at adults and adolescents, in search of their own identity and at those who defend themselves against pre-made role models and are confronted with patriarchal structures. The piece touches and entertains people who are unfamiliar with the word „gender", as well as people who are at home in the current feminist discourses.

The two performers of fleischlin/meser are a (female artist) couple and mothers of a 4 year old child. In their works fleischlin/meser combine research on political/social topics with fragments from the pop business to create artistic-social events, which usually take place in a stage space. Their performances provoke points of contact between entertainment and intimate confession, between stage and auditorium, between criticism and utopia.


Concept & Artistic direction fleischlin/meser
Solo 1 Beatrice Fleischlin

Solo 2 Anja Meser
Technical Direction, Light- & Sounddesign David Nicolas Abad (
Dramaturgy Anna K. Becker
Costume Diana Ammann, Luzia Fleischlin
Production Elena Conradt (produktionsDOCK)
Special Support Katja Hehle, Tresor Illunga Mukuna, Filip
Photos Roberto Conciatori

Supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin, Stadt Luzern/FUKA-Fonds, Regionalkonferenz Kultur RKK, Stiftung Corymbo, SIS Schweizer Interpretenstiftung, Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft Luzern GGL, Albert Koechlin Stiftung, Kedves Stiftung und Schweizer Kulturstiftung Pro Helvetia (Januar 2019).


18.09.2019, PREMIERE, Sophiensaele Berlin
20.09.2019, Sophiensaele Berlin

21.09.2019, Sophiensaele Berlin
10.10.2019, Südpol Luzern

11.10.2019, Südpol Luzern

12.10.2019, Südpol Luzern
09.01.2020, Schlachthaus Bern

10.01.2020, Schlachthaus Bern

11.01.2020, Schlachthaus Bern
15.01.2020, Theater Rampe Stuttgart

17.01.2020, Theater Rampe Stuttgart

18.01.2020, Theater Rampe Stuttgart

Next Performance:

20.04.2022, Künstler*innenbörse, Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Thun


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