WHAT IS HUMAN An evening about and with family*

The traditional ideas of the family are dissolving more and more in favour of various manifestations. Families are becoming more complex, thereby reflecting the complex world in which we live. We understand "the family" as a group of people (and other animate beings) who are socially and emotionally (and/or genetically and/or legally) connected and responsible for each other. A social construct that is designed to last longer and that recognises and endures difference. We sit down at a table to zoom in, to zoom out. We come into contact with people of the most diverse backgrounds and cultures. We make new kin and we experience empathy - an ability that is radically necessary in a complex world.


1. October 2020, 20h, PREMIERE, Kaserne Basel  
2. October 2020, 20h, Kaserne Basel 
3. October 2020, 17h, Kaserne Basel


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