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fleischlin/meser create artistic-social events, that combine research on political/social topics with fragments from the pop business. These performances provoke points of contact between entertainment and intimate confession, between stage and auditorium, between criticism and utopia.

They developed together COME ON BABY (2011) and DROP DEAD, GORGEOUS! (2013). I JUST WANNA FUCKING DANCE or BEGEISTERUNG UND PROTEST asks what movements occur, when people disagree with systems, but do not want to throw stones. (2016 Südpol Luzern & tour). RADICAL HOPE no1 / PILATUSBLICK, a dance project with young Lucerneers, born in different parts of the world, sees itself as a radically hopeful concept of togetherness. (Südpol Luzern 2017). In collaboration with 3 school classes, they develop WHO WE ARE a neighborhood walk that creates a connection from the nursery to the world. (Performances during the Tanzfest 2019). THIS IS ME* takes up the social debates about "gender", and predicts that the heterosexual norm erodes in favor of an unlimited variety of lifestyles and (gender-) identities. (Sophiensaele Berlin, Südpol Luzern, Schlachthaus Theater Bern, Theater Rampe Stuttgart, …) In March 2020 WHAT IS HUMAN - an evening about and with family*, will be performed at the Kaserne Basel.  

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